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Jun 8, 2024
Alex Somerville

Now that the dust has settled post-Monaco Grand Prix, eyes are now on the Canadian leg of the season, with the Montréal Grand Prix.


Yuki Tsunoda has had a consistent several races, averaging 123 points over the last 8 races. Sitting at 16.9 million, he is at the top end range for our talent pick. It is worth noting however that Tsunoda’s best finish at Montreal is 14th.

Both Alpine’s are of course quite cheap right now; and while both Ocon and Gasly have finished well within the points at Montreal before, our advice is to continue avoiding Alpine as a whole.

William’s Alex Albon is another reasonable candidate for talent. His best finish around the Circuit Gilles-Villenueve is 7th. With a salary of 11.1 million and an average point return of 104, Albon may be the best point-for-dollar talent pick currently.

Lance Stroll and Nico Hulkenberg are also not horrible choices if your team is already at capacity.


McLaren has not scored a point in Montréal since 2014. This curse looks set to be broken this year as Mclaren is on a hot streak. At 26.8 million, however, a better pick could be Red Bull for slightly cheaper at 25.7 million - having lost 2.3 million at Monaco due to Perez’s crash and Verstappen’s finish outside the podium.

Mercedes is sitting steady north of 21 million, and is a reasonable, albeit likely upper mid-field choice. Racing Bulls/VCARB gained just shy of 2 million dollars in Monaco, and at 16.8 million, they may be slightly over-valued. Aston Martin at 14.8 million is a good value pick, save for Williams if your budget here is under 10 million.

Drivers to Note

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez lost 2 million in Monaco, however since then has signed a 2-year deal with the aforementioned team. It is reasonable to assume he will want to make an impression and attempt to regain spots he lost in the Driver’s Championship standing. 25.2 million is a solid price for a driver in what looks to still be the best car.

Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso is still averaging points consistent with Lewis Hamilton, a driver with 3 million dollars more to his salary. At 18.7 million he is a solid pickup, especially considering he has won the Canadian Grand Prix in the past.

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