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3hrs 24min - MotoGP Qualifying
May 3, 2024
Garrett Ball

Formula 1 is back in the US and as someone who is on the east coast, I couldn't be happier. I will admit some of the European races where I wake up and the first thing I get to do is watch a race is quite enjoyable, but not having to worry about start times or morning routines but instead sitting back and watching a race like I would (American) football on a Sunday afternoon has it's own appeal.

But you're not here so I can go on about that, you want to see some driver recommendations. Don't worry, I have you covered!

Drivers I'm Playing

Carlos Sainz - $26.8M

Sainz has finished P5 and P3 in Miami, and has yet to have a single finish outside of the top 5 in 2024 when he starts a race. If he has a good qualifying a podium is easily in the cards for him in a circuit that isn’t always the most overtake-friendly.

Yuki Tsunoda - $12.9M

The theme of this week for driver values is “guys who suffered a DNF in China”. Tsunoda and Ricciardo drew the short stick last week, each suffering a DNF to no fault of their own. Tsunoda was sideswiped by Kevin Magnussen, and his right rear tyre basically came off of his car. It just wasn’t his weekend last time out, but he has otherwise been impressive in 2024. He’s had decent success in Miami, with a P11 and P12 since the race entered the calendar. With the midfield being either woefully disappointing (you know who I’m talking about) or very competitive (Haas and RB) the possibility of Yuki being the best of the rest is very much in the cards

Valteri Bottas - $6.2M

Bottas was on his way to a nice finish before an engine failure ruined his race in China. He’s next to last in pricing, but if he can finish the race and have a half-decent result, I don’t see how his value doesn’t rise. He’s a great target for some short (1-2 race) contracts.

Drivers I'm Avoiding

Sergio Perez - $30.1M

Perez has been great so far this year, but with Max right below him in pricing with the kind of surefire scoring you’ll get from Max, it’s hard to justify playing Perez. He’s one “meh” race away from being below Max in price yet again.

Nico Hulkenberg - $13.9M

When looking at Haas’ performance relative to his pricing, Hulkenberg is right at peak value. If you’re looking to find someone whose value will continue to increase, Hulkenberg might be a bit of a risk. However, with Haas doing surprisingly well and based on their current consistency, he could be a fine addition to a roster for a long-term contract, the type where you’re aiming for consistency and points rather than a significant value increase.

Lance Stroll - $12.8M

Stroll could easily pay off at this price if he turns his form around. Here’s the thing, I don’t like betting on Lance Stroll. He was abysmal in Japan and China, and it’s tough to trust a driver who’s having the run of form he’s having at this price. I'd much rather watch him score a P5 off of my team than hope he gets a P5 but ends up P16 on it.

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